01 - 08 - 2015 Baconator MKII has been added to the portfolio page, so take a gander at that when you get a second.
I am working on a version of Wonder Woman in full plate armor. Before that is made though, I am focusing on making her face. Here is a work in progress shot of the current state of her:
12 - 14 - 2014 The Baconator character has now been rigged and is ready to animate so if anyone wants to make him move send me an email! Here's a shot of him in Unreal 4:

All textures hand-painted (plus baked AO and cavity/curvature maps from the hi-res sculpt) with no photographs used. I will soon update the portfolio page with a breakdown.
12 - 11 - 2014 I've started working at Human Engine, a 3D-scanning outfit here in LA. There, I'll be helping clean up and prepare 3D scans of real people to be rigged and rendered either in-game or in mental ray. I am also helping them make and port assets into Unity for a separate project, and acting as a lighting/rendering consult.
In the meantime, I am also working on another character, which I began scultping last night. Here is a quick shot of the WIP:

This was sculpted from mudbox's featureless blob-head mesh. No reference was used. The mouth is modelled slightly open for rigging purposes.
10 - 08 - 2014 Not sure when this episode is going to air, but here's a sneak peak at the CG sequence Brain Zoo did for Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors! Featuring the two spidermans made by me (maya, mudbox, xnormal)!
9 - 04 - 2014 Managed to get some of my work out of Brain Zoo to show on my site! These are some of the things I made for Marvel Animation's Iron Man Captain America: Heroes United, now available on Amazon! Here are some robot-arms, Captain America's iconic shield, and the Taskmaster character.

A brief WIP video of SOME of my work at brainzoo is up on vimeo. IT WILL BE UPDATED AS MORE OF MY WORK IS RELEASED!
8 - 24 - 2014 Got Baconator into UE4. Still need him rigged so if you're a character rigger and looking to add a mech-type character to your rigging reel contact me! Click on the portrait to see the full character.
7 - 25 - 2014 I put together a pretty comprehensive breakdown of my Lonely Tower environment on the portfolio page. Check it out if you get a minute.

I'm still working on the updated Baconator. I've finished hard-surface modelling his robo-bits and sculpting his human bits, so now its down to retoppologizing, UVs and textures.
6 - 26 - 2014 New site layout! Better portfolio page, SOON to also include a breakdown of that lonely tower environment. I removed all the old work and kept the better characters, increasing the size of the images so you can see them better. I also have a better domain name now, to which the old one will redirect. The old one got spammed to hell, which is just the way of things out here on the intertubes.
I'm working on a significant update of my baconator character, with whom I was never really happy. The original was put together in a hurry for a class when I didn't know nearly as much about modeling and texturing as I do now. Here's a WIP shot of the new one:
4 - 14 - 2014 New demo reel! I've updated my demo reel to include the Lonely Tower environment and my dwarf character, both running in Unreal Engine 3. I'd like to try the brand-spanking-new Unreal Engine 4 soon, but right now, I'm going to finally start playing Bioshock Inifinite, which I bought forever ago and never actually even installed because I had no free time. Check out my new reel in the "Demo Reel" section!
11 - 29 - 2013 Patrick Rossano and I are working on a short vignette staring my dwarf character and a new creature I call the Creep. It will eventually be rendered entirely in Unreal Engine 3 in real time, so here is a short materials test of the two characters. I'm especially proud of my method for keeping the textures down to a single diffuse map with an alpha channel, while still breaking up the two-tone shading as if it also had a normal map. I'm using the alpha channel to store a kind of pseudo-bump map that biases the surface's albedo towards lighter or darker, making it appear to have the surface detail of a normal map. I will likely post a tutorial when the animation is completed. The video below will be updated as the project progresses!

Remember to hit the full-screen button!
10 - 23 - 2013 I'm excited to find that my Skyrim mod Dragon Bone Weapons Complete has over 100,000 current subscribers and is the 25th highest rated Skyrim mod (out of 18,000) on steam! Thank you to everyone who subscribed!
10 - 18 - 2013 This is a rather ambitious environment project I'm working on. The idea is to make an environment that has as little noticeable repetition as possible, as well as support a day and night cycle, using only hand-painted textures (with photoshop filters and transfered maps from XNormal) all without leaving directX 9 and while running on my aging geforce GTX 460. As expected, I am running into, and solving, a new problem every night. This video will be updated to reflect my progress!
03 - 31 - 2013 In addition to my Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor mod, Skyrim players on PC can now use my new custom model and texture for the 'Blade of Woe.' The mod is on steam workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131521842
02 - 21 - 2013 The character section has been updated again, now with a page for my Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor mod for Skyrim. The actual art took only about a week or so; actually getting everything to work in-game was the real work. The mod is available on steam workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=77658176
11 - 08 - 2012 The character section has been updated and now contains a new project: The Fiend from Id software's original 'Quake.' The fiend was the first video-game monster to truly scare me when I was young and new to PC games. It didnt have a roaring or threat animation, so the moment it saw you it was already leaping forward to murder you. As it attacked, you could see bloody bits of yourself fly off. It was intense. But Quake was a long time ago and the old super-lo-res fiend needed a current-gen update so I decided to make one. I'd put it in UDK but putting an Id character in the Unreal engine seems like a bit of a travesty. I wish Id tech 4 had a content creation kit like UDK.
06 - 20 - 2012 Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor mod for Skyrim released! Get it here on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=77658176&searchtext=
06 - 14 - 2012 Sadly, the new Skyrim DLC will include Bethesda's own Dragon Bone Weapons, making mine undoubtedly obsolete. Nevertheless, I am working on a new mod to replace the Ancient Shrouded Armor with my own version. Here is a shot of the WIP:
05 - 15 - 2012 Quick update: My Skyrim mod is now the 19th highest rated mod of all time on Steam Workshop, out of 6,800. The first pack I released back in february is the 5th highest rated, though I may delete it to make room for the complete pack.
04 - 11 - 2012

The third and final pack is done and now all the Dragon Bone Weapons are in a single set, available here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=14701 The mod was released on Easter sunday and is currently 63rd out of 5,974 on the list of Steam Workshop's "Top Rated All Time." It is also currently in the "Hot Files" section of Skyrim Nexus so big thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed! Also available on steam workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=21669

02 - 24 - 2012 The second Dragon Bone Weapons mod for Skyrim is now LIVE on Steam Workshop and Skyrim.NexusMods.com! The pack contains the Greatsword, War Axe, and Dagger.

Dragon Bone Weapon Pack 02 on Steam Workshop
Dragon Bone Weapon Pack 02 on NexusMods.com

02 - 13 - 2012 The Dragon Bone Weapons mod for Skyrim is now LIVE on Steam Workshop and Skyrim.NexusMods.com! The pack contains the Sword, Warhammer, and Bow I showed in my last update and right now over 34,000 people have downloaded it!

Dragon Bone Weapon Pack 01 on Steam Workshop
Dragon Bone Weapon Pack 01 on NexusMods.com

If you have Skyrim, please try out my mod and let me know what you think by endorsing it or leaving a comment! My mod has also been featured in a few youtube videos which show it in action. Here's one of the early reviews (the bow glitch has since been fixed!):
01 - 10 - 2012 I've become enamoured with Skyrim of late and, noting that there was no set of dragon-bone weapons to go with the dragon-bone armor, I set about creating a few myself. The goal was to make them fit as seamlessly as possible into the game and follow the art direction of the armor set already in the game; that is, I'm hoping they will be almost indistinguishable from official content. Here's hoping I can get it into the game with the help of Bethesda's robust modding community!
10 - 24 - 2011 Got the demon lady from the character page rigged and animated. Will update demo reel once Khalarind has a decent turnaround too. If it's at all possible, I'd like to rig baconator but let's not go nuts, shall we?
10 - 13 - 2011 Been messing with UDK again, this time trying to master the particle system. Below is an updated flythrough of my Infernal Throne Room environment, now with a big fire in the fire pit and some floating lanterns.

I animated the particles in a rather unorthodox way because at the time I didnt know about the 'ParticleSubUV' node. Basically, I used the RGBA channels of a 32-bit texture map as 4 greyscale frames of a flame animation. I then used the particle emitter's 'color over life' function with a multiply node in the material to interpolate between the frames. To keep the flame from turning red, then blue, then green, I desaturated the output and re-multiplied it by the colors I wanted, so it was always orange, even when comeing through the green or blue channel.

I actually prefer this method specifically for fire because, A: it allows smoother interpolation between frames, B: it lets me edit the color in the material rather than in the texture, and C: it lets me use an entire 256 texture map for each frame rather than just a fraction like with a flipbook sheet. The node tree is below:

9 - 22 - 2011 A few months into working at the new job and it certainly beats the hell out of warehouse work. I dont have much time or energy to work on personal stuff anymore but, hopefully, I'll get some shots of the things I've been working on at Brain Zoo.
8 - 15 - 2011 I now work at Brain Zoo Studios as a 3D artist.
The dwarf in the characters section is updated with a superior texture and the updated walk-cycle from the khalarind APEX cloth sim test is below:
7 - 15 - 2011 Two new drawings in the drawings section. I was a huge Quake fan back when the original came out so I've drawn sort of modern concepts for my two favorite monsters, the Ogre and the Feind. Maybe I'll model them when I have the time.
7 - 01 - 2011 Second asset I've created for indie game in development:

6 - 23 - 2011 I'm working on an indie (for now) RTS. Here's hoping we get funding. First set of assets I've created: